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Society Bylaws and Regulations

Article I: Name and Affiliation:

 The Saudi Scientific Socior Biomedical Engineering was established by a decision from King Abdulaziz University Council as one of the scientific societies registered under the college of Engineering starting from 2003. The society may open branches around the kingdom based on a request from General body and appoval of University Council.

Article II: Mission of the Society:

1.      Advancing and promoting professionalism in the area of Biomedical Engineering.
2.      Enhancing scientific and professional exchange of experience between the members of the society.
3.      Providing scientific, practical and theoretical consultations in Biomedical Engineering.

4.      Promoting Arabic Language in the area
5.      Enhancing the performance of Biomedical Engineers
6.      Promoting the exchange of experiences between groups and other societies inside and outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
7.      Acting as a bridge between the university and other organizations, institutes and groups working in the area.

The society will execute its mission through the following objectives:

1.         Forming committees and special groups specialized in the different areas of Biomedical Engineering.
2.         Supporting and encouraging research in theoretical and clinical areas of interest to the society.
3.         Conducting seminars, trainings and conferences.
4.         Translating articles and references into Arabic.
5.         Publishing a periodical or a magazine in the areas associated with biomedical engineering.
6.         Providing consultations to parties interested in Biomedical Engineering,
7.      Promoting the use of technology, informatics and artificial intelligence in areas associated with Biomedical Engineering.
8.      Providing platforms for the exchange of experience and information with other societies sharing similar interests.
9.      Organizing trips, trainings and competitions to Biomedical Professionals
10.  Providing support and advice to Biomedical Engineering students in choosing training venues and carrier choices.

Article IV: Membership:

The membership has four forms:
1.      Active Membership: All those who have obtained a degree in Biomedical Engineering provided that s/he are residents of Saudi Arabia. Active members are illegible for office and can vote.
2.      Honor Membership: To be given by the general body or recommendation of the board for anyone contributing to the development of the interests and activities of the society. Honor members may vote.
3.      Associate Membership: To be given for students and those working in the field without holding a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Associate members don’t have voting power.
4.      Institute Membership: To be given to any society, company, private sector, governmental institution, clubs and groups interested in obtaining this membership. Institute members are treated as associate members

Article V: Terms and Conditions and procedures for membership:

A person may become an active member by:

1.      Applying to join the Association.
2.      Each applicant must receiving nomination from two members of the society except those who joined the society when it was first established.
3.      Applicants must be of good conduct and behavior without any previous history of misconduct.
4.      Applicants must pay the membership fee.
5.      The Board of the society must approve all membership applications.

Article VI: Termination of membership:
Membership of the Assembly might be terminated in any of the following cases:

1.      The withdrawal of the member or his/her death.
2.      Breaching any of the membership terms.
3.      Engaging in actions that are deemed by the board of the society as actions that physically or morally harm the society.

Article VII: Reactivating the membership:
The Board of Directors may resume the membership of a person who lost his/her membership as a result of not paying the annual membership fee.

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